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  1. We strive to earn the trust and respect of our customers. With some of them we have established long-term partnerships and completed several projects.

    • Word Connect: WordConnect is a software product for correspondence management. It supports creating and organizing Microsoft Word documents from the data in CRM systems. BISOFT is involved in extending and partly re-designing this product.
    • ScanConnect: ScanConnect is the "mirror" product of WordConnect - it support scanning and organizing in CRM of incoming paper-based correspondence - letters, invoices, etc.
    • Client: Assistance Software is a software development and IT consulting company, specialized in the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and focused especially on close partnering with its customers.

    • Profile Learning Management system: Profile allows training course participants to login online and submit their learning objectives and other necessary information before enrolling to a course. Trainers can access and review this information when necessary.
    • Profile also includes an administration module that helps Capital Language staff to manage participants data. A link with the CRM system of Capital Language is also provided.
    • Client:Capital Language provides high quality in-company training courses in language and communication skills throughout the Netherlands. They offer individual and group training courses in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

    • Schoeck Situation Manager: this is a software product that puts together all information about a particular project of Schoeck and links the necessary applications. The information includes engineering calculations, proposals for suitable construction elements, reports send to the end customer and other communications, as well as links to applicable standards.
    • Client:Schoeck is a global company that manufactures and distributes innovative construction elements and systems for advanced building structures.

    • Portfolio Monitor : is a tool where the financial data about development projects can be stored, analyzed and consolidated. Iessel Holtinck shares this tool with its partners.
    Iessel Holtinck
    • Client:Iessel Holtinck is an investment company specialized in property development. It supplies (risk) capital to property developers and construction companies and helps them grow also by sharing its knowledge, network and tools.

    • BouwBudgetBewaker (Building Budget Guard):an extenstion of Microsoft CRM for budget control in construction projects
    • BouwStroom (Building Stream):a product for planning and managing face-to-face meetings in construction projects. Supports easy creation and distribution of meeting minutes and tracking of oustanding tasks in the project.
    • Time and Costs Registration (TCR) a product that (freelance) participants in construction project can use to register the hours and costs they have spend working on the project.
    • Client: BouwImpuls is a Dutch company providing project management services for construction projects. Their focus is on improving communications, controlling the budget and maximizng the quality of the construction

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