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Bisoft is a software design and development company specialized in creating IT solutions tailored to business of the customer.

In today's Information Technology driven world, is there still room for custom-made software? Yes, absolutely.
How often you feel restricted rather then helped by your IT systems? How often do you think more about how to use your software rather than how to do your job? Do you have data scattered through several incompatible programs and also duplicated on paper?
It is exactly the complexity of contemporary ICT that requires tailor-made solutions.

Bisoft's mission is to create software that helps people do their work better and find more pleasure in it. Our main strengths are versatility and partnership. We don't sell solutions based on certain technology or platform - we partner with you, the client, to create a solution to your needs. Solutions are not necessarily big and complex - often a step-by-step approach with quick wins proves most effective. At the same time we work towards an integrated and useful software architecture.

Bisoft is flexible in partnering and reliable in delivery. We count on long-term cooperation with our clients. When we define development tasks, we make clear agreements about costs and delivery time before we start development. Due to close partnership with software development companies in Bulgaria Bisoft delivers good quality software at very reasonable prices.

Bisoft can cover the entire life cycle of a software application - requirements analysis, design, development, implementation at client site and support. But we are also happy to participate in one or some of these phases, depending on client situation and the on-going projects.

So, if you like your IT environment, but think it can do even better, drop us a line. Or if you don't like your IT environment, drop us a line too.

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